Status updates


I have fallen a little behind on blogging although we have done the open houses every weekend since the last post. By my count, there have been thirteen open houses. The next is Sunday, July 30, 2023.

I recently added a calendar (under the Events header) to keep track of upcoming events so that I don't have to post a blog in advance every week.

I am quite pleased with our activities. Over the course of Killed By Dice, nine people (not counting myself) have walked through the doors to play role-playing games. If I am not miscounting, four of the attendees have never played role-playing games before and they all had fun playing for the first time. On that note alone, Killed By Dice has been tremendously fulfilling for me.

We have played the following games:

We have also played two games that I am designing:

Our play of The Pool has consisted of one shots. Murderous Ghosts is a one shot by design but we played it three times, rotating GMs. Everything else has been played for a few sessions and they're all open to continuation depending on who shows up and how we feel.

We played Vampire's Dream once. I think it has enough potential that I want to continue working on it. I need to think about the combat system and vampire powers before we play it again though.

The other one of my games we have played is called Guns N' Glitches. It is a cyberpunk adaptation of Tunnels & Trolls 5e. T&T is turning out to be an excellent fit for my notions of cyberpunk role-playing. After a few sessions, the majority of the rules are in a stable state (which is something I can't say about any of my other game designs). We've had fun playing it. I also find it very fun to GM.

With the exception of Marvel Super Heroes, all of these games are indie games (as in: small press and independently owned/produced). I love keeping these games in circulation. I also love introducing beginners to games that are not Dungeons & Dragons or other large commercial brands.

This week I am reading and preparing to run Trollbabe. It will be an option for the upcoming open house.