Sixth open house (June 4, 2023)


I will be hosting the fifth Killed By Dice role-playing game open house on Sunday, June 4, 2023.

We will meet in the lobby or just out front. We will wait around for about twenty minutes for people to show up. Any late-comers can contact me via email (david AT killedbydice DOT com) to be let into the building.

Dice, pencils, paper, and other materials will be provided.

We have some ongoing games of The Pool and Marvel Super Heroes that we can pick up on depending on whether the regular players are present.

Last week we played a game I designed in 24 hours called Vampire's Dream. I have made many improvements over the last week and what started as a retro-fork of a well-known game about blood suckers now truly has its own identity. We could play that if people are interested. I didn't write a reflections post about this game as to let it breathe a little.

Alternately, we can pair off and play Cold Soldier, play a different scenario in The Pool. I have prepaped some other games as well including InSpectres and Circle of Hands.

Beginners are welcome and encouraged, as always.

I will prepare some healthy vegan food for the break.