Reflecting on the third open house


There was five of us last Sunday, including two new players.

We ended up playing a new situation in The Pool that we created on the fly based on a short brain-storming session. The game was set in the modern day and we narrowed it down thematically to "machine guns and ghosts". Modern day, but anachronistic.

I will write more words about it later on, as right now I am supposed to be making a Lavender Hack character for a free, online RPG convention this weekend.

This was one of my favorite sessions of The Pool. Ironically, one of the players brought Hunter: The Reckoning to do an interest check for a later occasion. Without intending it, the situation we ended up playing in our game was quite similiar to what might be played in that RPG. Shady corporations, a secret anomaly containment bureau, supernatural monsters, organized crime, spell books, and of course machine guns and ghosts.

One of the characters was played by a first-time role-player who drew one of the best maps I have used in play. This map really grounded us in the action. I have attached it for reference. Their character was the owner of a bawdy house named Maison Foufounes whose main attraction is a ghost from a bygone era. The implied 3rd dimension really made this map pop for me, the rare role-player who has difficulty working with maps.

Maison Foufounes

Regarding the Lavender Hack game, I will be playing it this weekend at the Spring edition of the Indie Game Reading Club online RPG convention.

There are still openings for a number of games including a game of The Pool entitled Demon Slayer: Cherry Blossom Village on Saturday that needs players at the time I am writing this post.

Soon, I will also announce the next open house, occurring this Sunday, May 14, 2023.