Reflecting on the fourth open house


We played Marvel Super Heroes last Sunday, continuing with the Concordia University game. We also welcomed a new player to the group. We were five, including myself.

I was still a little groggy from the flu so I wasn't at my best. But we managed. I don't have many public reflections other than to say that I am continuing to learn about the game system, even after many years. I have a little more insight into some game stats like Popularity and Intuition and a new technique.

Prior to the event, I prepared some material for another game called Circle of Hands that we could play any week depending on who attends and their level of interest.

Some administrivia

We're skipping supper to play and eating junk food to compensate. That's not really sustainable. I would like to brainstorm with other attendees about better options that are not costly to people. Saint-Henri is a food wasteland and food deliveries to the building can be a little complicated (and they are costly). I really appreciate that people are bringing snacks. We're not starving or dehydrated but skipping supper is not great.

For people who have never attended: we have a microwave, toaster, and fridge/freezer. There's also free coffee, energy drinks, tea, and a water cooler. I usually have a jar of peanut butter and bread on hand too.

For the next event (Sunday, May 28), I will prepare a giant vegan pasta salad. From there, we can discuss options for the following events.