First open house (April 23, 2023)


Killed By Dice is a Montreal-based role-playing game group. The name is a riff on the series of punk rock rarity compilations called Killed By Death.

Killed By Dice is focused on playing small, indie, free, and/or out of print games from across the 50 year history of role-playing games. In particular, the sort of games that have no other venue online or locally. As such, the emphasis is on play rather than consumerist activities.

I will be hosting the first Killed By Dice open house on April 23, 2023.

We will meet in the lobby or just out front. We will wait around for about twenty minutes for people to show up. Any late-comers can contact me via email (david AT killedbydice DOT com) to be let into the building.

Dice, pencils, paper, and other materials will be provided. Games will be short-term (one to a few sessions) to accommodate different levels of commitment and availability.

I have prepared some free games that we can play.

There is enough room to accommodate two gaming groups. Ten people is about the maximum that the space can host comfortably.

Beginners are welcome and encouraged.